Susan & Jesse Brandt

Susan Brandt lived in Nepal from 1972-78 where she helped Jesse Brandt and Kalden Sherpa set up and run Sherpa Trekking Service and Trekker’s Dried Foods.  She taught English at the Language Institute run by the US Information Service. She visited Nepal between 1978-84 while she was living in Bangladesh, and she moved back in 1994, where she was involved with the UN Women’s Organization and the American Women’s Organization. Jesse Brandt come to Nepal as a Peace Corps volunteer from 1962-64. He returned to Nepal in 1970 and, with Kalden Sherpa, established Sherpa Trekking Service, the second trekking company in Nepal.  In 1976-78, he began drying and packaging foods for trekking groups, and taught PE at Lincoln School. In 1994, he returned to Nepal with the UNFPS Regional Office for South and Central Asia.